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Journal and Sketchbook on Beach for Art and Surf

Creative Companion

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Founded in 2018, KYLAI Journals became an embodiment of adventure and creativity. The brand was created in pursuit of an attractive looking journal, for SURF & SKATEBOARD artists, that was out of the ordinary, but would also keep a simple look. Inspired by coastal surf & skate culture, the color-way and design of each journal tells a story in itself. The journal is designed and created to become another compliment of your style, just as a pair of sneakers would. For your sketchbook ideas, journal ideas, surfboard clipart, sketchbook drawings, surfing journal, write notebook, creative journal ideas, and to be your surfers journal. Whether planning your next epic adventure, your next project, or just letting out streams of consciousness KYLAI is here to inspire creative thought. We are not just a stationery shop to fill up your stationery studio, we inspiration to a write journal for nature, art ideas and adventure. We combine colors of red, purple, beige, blue and white and create journal and notebooks will feel good when you hold it. Time to start putting your pen to paper with your creative notes. We have notebooks with blank paper. We have a travel journal with a pockets. For the travel journalist, and their creative journal ideas.